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Chapel of The Plains has been in existence since the 1930's, starting in the basement of another local church.  About 40 years ago the church moved to the current location, a building built by the members of this church.  The ground, the wood, and the labor was all donated by the people of this church.  We take pride in maintaining a small but beautiful sanctuary for worship.


We are a self-governing church of twenty-five active members that values our Assembly of God heritage and affiliation.  While this alignment represents our core beliefs, we recognize that as a community church we serve believers with a variety of backgrounds.  We believe in meeting people where they are and growing together as a community of faith.


We are strong believers in Sunday School, event-based youth programs and missions.  We have a respect for tradition coupled with a contemporary approach to our activities, from worship to Sunday School.  We value collaboration with other churches in our community to spread God's Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve others.  


We value:

Christ-likeness  .  Hope  .  Authentic worship  .  Passion for people  .  Empowering lives  .  Loving relationships 


Our vision and prayer is to shape our culture by making a day-to-day difference

in the lives of people by bringing them into



To acomplish this, we purpose to:


REACH into every home, business, club, classroom, sickroom, organization, age, gender, crisis and life circumstance and;


TEACH people about the practical wisdom & transforming love of God, and encourage them to;


MEND their minds, hearts and relationships by leading them to a place of belonging where they can personally experience life in Christ and then;


SEND them back to their families, communities and the into the world as conduits of God's grace and instruments of His reconciliation.


'May your time at the Chapel become the finest days of your life.' 




Chapel Of The Plains

41921 Marble Ave.

PO Box 35
Stoneham, CO 80754




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